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Hokima Entertainment Jazyk: Angličtina Nahlášiť porušenie pravidiel |

Hi the grave site for Keitaro Hoshino is incorrect. His date of birth is 1969/08/14 and died at age 52. Wondering if it can be fixed???

Glenn Sotzky Jazyk: Angličtina Nahlášiť porušenie pravidiel |

My name is Glenn Sotzky there is a listing for my mother Jeanette Sotzky . please make some corrections. change to remember her. and please change the Cross to a Star of David. many thanks.

Graeme Axford Jazyk: Angličtina Nahlášiť porušenie pravidiel |

Anyone looking for Georgina Audrey Axford, 27/10/1931, born in East Preston, Worthing I have information on her... She was adopted our of our family :( . Graeme Axford, New Zealand :)

Tiffany Teel- Thompson Jazyk: Angličtina Nahlášiť porušenie pravidiel |

True Statement:

To: Wayne E.Staples, Even Though The Horrific & Wicked Acts Of Violence Towards Me At The Early Age Of 4 Yr' s Of Age. I Forgive You,Your Friend & My Grandfather And Your Mean & Wicked Mother. I Blocked All The Painful Dreams & Terror Out Of My Mind. I Didn't Die. But An Uncommon Finisher & Alive. May God Forgive & Have Mercy On Your Soul. As A Spirit Filled Christian & Pastor I Have A Heart Of Compassion & Peace In My Heart.


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